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As we age and progress through the various stages of life, our healthcare journey often involves transitioning from one provider to another, allowing us to access specialized care tailored to our changing needs on our journey. When contemplating the well-being of our families and striving to provide them with exceptional medical care, it is important to consider the unique types of doctors that each family member may require. By understanding these distinctions, we can ensure that every individual receives the highest quality of care available to them. This blog post will cover several types of specialized doctors you might seek as progress through stages in life and your healthcare journey.

Even before conception, finding an OB/GYN can be essential to assist with fertility and family planning. Some couples don’t visit an OB/GYN until after pregnancy has already begun (which is okay!), but if you are planning on having children, it can be very informative and comforting to go ahead and find an OB/GYN that you like and trust. Following the beginning of pregnancy, the OB/GYN will be able to give a pregnant person check-ups, updates and care and will also deliver the baby. This is a very intimate time, so it is especially important to choose an OB/GYN that you feel comfortable with. You will also continue to visit your OB/GYN post-partum for your own care following the birth of your child.

Infants will also need regular check-ups, with a doctor called a pediatrician. Pediatricians are child-focused physicians, who provide care for infants, toddlers, children, pre-teens and adolescents. Finding a great pediatrician when your baby is born can serve you for the next 18 years, so take this task seriously! If there is a specific medical issue that your child is experiencing, your pediatrician may refer them to a specialist, but for regular check-ups and common health issues, your pediatrician will be your go-to doctor for your child.

Primary Care Physician
Once you have reached adulthood, it is time to find a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for your healthcare needs. Primary Care Physicians can help you with common health issues, prescription and diagnosis needs, and will know who to refer you to for more specific health concerns for specialized care, like neurology or orthopedics. You may see your PCP for much of your adult life for your yearly physical, for the common cold and any time you get sick, so it’s important to find a doctor you like and trust.

Apex Health strives to provide quality healthcare for the entire family, through every stage of life. Compassionate care is essential for everyone, so take care of your entire household with our family health services! We love to see whole families, and watch all of the milestones alongside you!