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About Apex Health

What is Corporate Care?

Apex Health’s corporate care services focus on reducing overall employer healthcare spend by thirty percent or more through critical care intervention, cost-effective insurance plans, predictive employee population analysis, and proactive care.

How does Corporate Care reduce overall healthcare spend?

Apex reduces spend in two ways

  1. Most healthcare budgets are consumed by critical care events. These include employees visiting the emergency room, unscheduled hospitalization, etc. 60% of these critical care visits are preventable. Apex works to prevent preventable visits which results in lower corporate healthcare spend and elevated employee quality of life.
  2. Apex also lowers healthcare spend by optimizing health insurance coverage. Apex’s health insurance network, Apson, is on average 10-20% cheaper than the market for similar coverage.

What kind of company can benefit from Corporate Care?

Any company can cut costs by working with Apex’s Corporate Care.

  • Self insured employers benefit from a lower critical care visit rate among their employee population.
  • Conventionally insured employers benefit from an optimized healthcare network and a lower critical care visit rate.

Can Apex Corporate Care replace my existing telemedicine provider?

Our Corporate Care model works as a plug in play to any existing telemedicine platform a company has. Our model of care elevates patient care, improves employee health outcomes, and lowers cost for better company margins and a better quality of life for the employee.

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